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Taxation of Profits (A. 4002/2011, ch. 50&12)
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Article 79 N. 4764/2020 (Government Gazette 256 A / 23.12.2020) Taxation of gambling profits The first paragraph of par. 2 of article 60 of Law 2961/2001 (AD 266) is replaced as follows:

The profits defined in cases β΄, γ΄ and δ΄ of par. 1 of Article 58, in games of chance conducted with columns, are taxed per game coupon, according to the following scale:
Issue A '256 / 23.12.2020 GOVERNMENT GAZETTE 12139
Profits per coupon SCALE PERCENTAGE
0-100 0.0%
100.01-200 2.5%
200.01-500 5.0%
> 500 7.5%

Percentage of revenue from the above category tax is used to finance sports teams, following a joint decision of the Ministers Finance and Culture and Sports.With the same decision may specify the beneficiaries, the manner of distribution of such funding and any other necessary detail.
The validity of the present starts on 12.07.2021.

For example, in a ticket with a profit of 200 euros, the first 100 will be tax-free and the remaining 100 will be taxed at a rate of 2.5%