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Reward Program
Reward Program

Goalbet would like to take this opportunity to thank all its friends for the trust they have shown us and the daily preference that we receive. With that said, we created especially for them, a friendly retribution program. This program calculates the points earned by players from their betting. The points increase with the number of bets on different events. Have fun by earning points. We have designed a page especially for you to have control of your points any time you wish, without any doubt. We take your enjoyment as our personal matter, every minute we calculate the bonus that corresponds to you and we credit it directly to your account "so that you are always in the game" (minimum bonus 5 ?).

Bonus Credit

Would you always want to know if you deserve a bonus? Just make a simple click on the "gift" icon. If an available amount appears, click on the buttons "ACCEPT" and you're ready to bet as you wish. Otherwise, you can leave your bonus waiting, selecting the button "LATER".
Your next bonus will appear in your account after a three-hour period.

Bet Bonus Calculation

Whether you bet on pregame or either on live betting, you can receive the bonus you are entitled. Even coupons which were settled as lost will be Calculated. How? We add to your bonus 5% of your losses since your last bonus.

Casino Bonus calculation

If you have any losses in casino since your last bonus we add in your bonus the following
- If you lose:
- 120 EUR will be rewarded with 8% bonus.
- 120 euros to 300 euros, your return will be 9%.
- 300 euros and over, your return will be 10%.

Weekly Bonus: If you lost more than 300 euros in the previous week, Goalbet offers additional bonus, adding 6% to kick start your week.

* Goalbet, reserves the right to change the rules and conditions of the bonus, or even cancel a bonus if necessary.
** The bonus is available for entertainment purposes only and not for professional players.