Last update: 1st July 2021

1. All the bets made with reference to the services rendered by our company are subject to regulations, which can be modified, when necessary and during the internet site's operation term, after our clients have first been informed via our internet site address.

2. In order to open an account in our company and to access our services, one must necessarily be over 18 years old.

3. Each client is responsible to keep his account password private. Any bets made in his/ her account by any third party that knows his/ her password will be considered valid.

4. Each person can open only one account in Goalbet1 . The company has the right to close down the accounts of any client who has opened a number of accounts in his/ her name, or in different names, in order to deceive the company. Goalbet1 has also the right to cancel any transaction associated with an attempt to deceive the company. In such cases it is at the sole discretion of the company to put all the tickets equal to the unit and to return the money, after deducting the expenses.

5. Goalbet1 has the right to deny the creation of a new betting account.

6. The application for the opening of an account is submitted by filling-in the Registration form and sending it to Goalbet1. Kindly bear in mind that the money in your betting accounts neither include nor can claim interests.

7. The minimum deposit per account is 1 Euro, or any equivalent amount in any other currency.

8. Any suspicion related to the eventually illegitimate carrying out of a game, or a sport venue may lead Goalbet1 to withdraw the payments until the case has been fully investigated. Any such investigation will be carried out in cooperation with the competent State, or Independent Authorities. Any bets made for such venues may be declared void and the wagers may be returned.

9. The results of the sport venues are the ones stated upon their ratification by the official competent organs, unless it is otherwise specified. Any change of the result, after the ratification, shall have absolutely no impact on the betting.

10. Goalbet1 has the right to deny for any user, in whole or in part, any betting.

11. A betting slip sent for confirmation shall be considered valid only after it has been confirmed and only for the amount of money that it has been confirmed.

12. All the clients shall always ensure:
- That they fill-in their true residence address
- That they register in their own name
- That they fill-in their true e-mail address
- That they fill-in their true residence telephone and cell phone numbers
- That they hold one and only one betting account
- That they do not act for somebody else's interest, or on somebody else's account
- That they do not deposit money that comes from criminal activities
- That they do not use their account for money 'laundering'.

{[RULE13]} 14. The placement of multiple bets for a single event is impossible. Should such thing happen, due to a human, or a system-related mistake, all the bets placed for such event will be cancelled. In such case, the odds will be equal to 'one' (1).

15. No confirmed bet can be modified, or cancelled, by the player. The company has the right to cancel accepted bets before the beginning of the game, without justification, only upon notification of the client, by an e-mail sent to the address he/ she stated in the registration form, or by contacting him/ her by telephone.

16. In case the date, or the hour of a venue is postponed, the slips that were submitted before the initial date and hour of the venue will be considered valid. The bets that were submitted after the initial date and hour of the venue will be considered void. If the game is included in a slip, together with other games, this particular game will be given 'one' (1).

17. The odds of the venues may present variations during the venues. The applying odds will be those indicated on the slip, upon the acceptance of the bet.

18. In case of a visible mistake in the published odds, the company has the right to correct the faulty odds, and to simultaneously cancel the slips containing this particular game, even if the result of the game has already been shaped. In case of a single result, the wager is returned to the player. In case of multiple bets, the game will be given 'one' (1).

19. Each customer is under a specific license and may not be connected to a VPN changing the use of the license that was issued when he opened his account. If a customer changes the license and the country which he belongs to using VPN, the company is required for tax and legal reasons to set all the coupons that have been played since he used the VPN equal to the unit and to return the money in the client's account to the corresponding license that has made the deposit.

20. The minimum bet is 50 cents of a Euro, or any equivalent amount in any other currency.

21. The maximum profit is five thousand times the betting wager.

22. The maximum total profit for multiple betting, using similar venue combinations and/or same match, for single bets is limited to the amount of 5,000€ (Euro), for multiple or system bets is limited to the amount of 15,000€ (Euro). Each customer can request VIP limits, with which the maximum profit per bet, for single bets or multiple and system bets, is unlimited.

23. All the profits will be credited in the Goalbet1 client's betting account.

24. The profits will be paid regularly, in the account's currency.

25. If a game is interrupted or postponed and not finished in a period of 24 hours, the bet will be considered void and the odds will be equal to 'one' (1) for all betting options. The bets that have been completed before the interruption of the game will be considered active.

26. Any game postponed (Football, Basketball, Tennis, Handball, Formula 1, Motorcycles) for more than 24 hours will be considered void, if it is not finished or not replayed. The odds will be equal to 'one' (1).

27. The dates, home teams and times displayed for every match are for reference only. The actual game date, time and court for every match is determined from the official game regulator. In case of date misplacement of a match (from Goalbet1), then all bets which were accepted before the official match start will be considered valid, while all bets which were placed after the official match start or with wrong home team, will be considered void and the odd shall be equal to 1.00.

28. Any bet that has not been confirmed before the first game will be considered void. A bet will be considered won if it appears on the betting list of the user's account.

29. Goalbet1 is in no case responsible for problems related to problematic PCs, telecommunication lines or internet connections, nor for play methods implemented by clients who are not approved by our company.

30. In spite of the fact that all the necessary measures are taken, in order to protect the Software against viruses, we cannot and will not guarantee you that your PC will not be affected, with such thing resulting to the interruption of our services. The services will be rendered again, within the reasonable time period required for the restoration of any damage you may suffer, after the interruption of our services.

31. By accessing the Internet Site Addresses of Goalbet1 you accept the terms and requirements of this agreement. If you do not agree with the above terms and requirements, please, do not access our internet site addresses.

32. As a requirement for the use of the Internet Site Addresses of Goalbet1, one must guarantee that the internet site addresses will not be used for illegal purposes, or purposes violating the above terms and requirements.

33. If any part of this agreement becomes void, or does not conform to the applying laws, including, without limitation, the guarantees and the liabilities stipulated above, an applying term, matching the intentions of the initial purpose will prevail over such void or non-conforming part of the agreement, while the rest of the agreement will remain in force.

34. The Terms and conditions apply to all types of betting, unless differently stated to the individual explanatory categorization field.

35. On the provison of any rights not included hereto.

36. This agreement is subject to the Laws of {[LICENCE]}.

37. Customer's accounts that are making Sure Bet, Value Bet, trading etc. will be disabled and every profit of it will be removed. Before the withdraw every account will be charged for all the cost that had create.

38. User is obligated to upload the necessary files in order to verify the account and use our services.

39. User is being checked by the Hampi Check system in order to prohibit the use of our serivces in case there is an active ban rule for the account.

40. By accepting the terms and conditions of our company, the user accepts that our company has the right to conduct any identification and verification checks, which deems necessary and request the user to send further identification and verification documents. The user also agrees to provide all the information that will be required for the authentication check. During and until the identification checks are completed, our company reserves the right to suspend or restrict the user's account.

41. GLB is making a great effort to safeguard the rights of its employees and to provide them with a more enjoyable working environment as possible. For this reason, if there is a violent, indecent or/and offensive attitude of a client towards our employees, the Company reserves the right to suspend or/and disable a user's account.

42. The casino section is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and operated under the following license MGA/B2C/366/2016. The sports betting section is regulated by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board and operated under the license HKL000210.

43. You are not allowed to register a new account or place any bet or wager through this website if you are located in the Jurisdiction of Essen, at the time of registration or the playing of any games.

44. In case of free bet wager the FreeBet amount is deducted from the total winnings



Goalbet1 has the right to cancel or declare as void (in its sole discretion) transactions of what kind so ever that show irregularities, in particular irregularities of the following nature:

1) The name and address of the player do not match the name and address associated with the credit card, or other mode of payment, used by the player/customer.

2) Any irregularity which may negatively affect the processing of payment transactions and/or which gives rise to the suspicion of a violation of the General Terms and Conditions.

3) Goalbet1 takes any form of fraudulent activity of players/customer in connection with services and/or products offered by Goalbet1 very seriously. Any fraudulent activity, as determined at Goalbet1´s sole discretion, is strictly prohibited. Fraudulent activity may include, but is not limited to, stolen credit cards, transfer of funds to other player accounts (chip dumping), forgery, collusion, the provision of false registration data or other requested information. In addition to any other remedies provided under the general terms and conditions or the applicable game rules, Goalbet1 reserves the right to pursue claims for criminal prosecution and/or civil damages for any fraudulent activities. For this purpose, Goalbet1 furthermore reserves the right to record telephone calls with customers in order to pass on to third parties for the purpose of prosecution. Any player/customer involved in any form of suspected fraudulent activity and any suspicious transaction will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

4) Furthermore, it is unlawful to deposit funds obtained from ill-gotten means on the Goalbet1 Account. Goalbet1 will check all transactions to prevent money laundering and funding of terrorists activities. Suspicious transactions will be reported to the authorities in charge.

5) Where deposits/withdrawals are made by electronic payment methods (eg electronic wallet), the customer is required to use his personal electronic payment account. In the event that third-party electronic payment accounts are used, then all winnings made after the deposit with this electronic payment account are canceled and the deposits are refunded to the third-party electronic payment account after deducting any costs. Our company also reserves the right to deactivate the client's account if there is an infringement of this rule.

Any decision of Goalbet1 regarding the invalidation of transactions shall be binding upon the player/customer and lies within the sole discretion of Goalbet1 and may not be contested by the player/customer. In case of any irregularities in payment transactions as described in 1) to 4) above or in case of reasonable suspicions concerning the violation of any rules governing gaming or betting at Goalbet1 (i.e. these General Terms and Conditions, the rules of the game and specific rules as applicable) Goalbet1 may at its sole discretion, declare the transactions concerned invalid.

In every case Goalbet1 reserves the right to hold/charge costs which can occur after each procedure (transaction fees, court costs etc.).

Deposits made to your goalbet1 account should be played three (3) times in odds 1.80 (per event) and more before you can request a withdrawal (e.g. If you deposit 10 EUR, your total betting cost should be at least 30 EUR in odds 1.80 (per event) and more in order to request withdrawal). The bets with odds less than 1,80 (per event) will not count for the deposit rollover. (The bet/betslip that contains selections of Draw No Bet/Asian Handicap / Cashout and Postponed matches do not count for deposit rollover). Therefore, if in goalbet1´s discretion, there is suspicion of abuse (for instance, where a deposited amount has not been used for an appropriate level of game play and the user then makes a withdrawal request in relation to that deposited amount), goalbet1 reserves the right in its absolute discretion to cancel the respective deposit(s) in part or in full, to retract any costs that may have resulted in conjunction therewith and to close the goalbet1 account indefinitely. goalbet1 further reserves the right to request and obtain satisfactory proof of deposit and additional copies of personal identification in such instances prior to processing any withdrawal request, the processing of such request to be entirely at goalbet1´s discretion.

France, Australia, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Lebanon, Cyprus, Singapore, Qatar, Japan, North Korea, Cambodia, Brunei, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, UK, USA, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Croatian, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Denmark, Serbia, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Turkey
The operation of our company in the above countries is prohibited as these countries require a national license or generally ban gambling or are considered as prohibited areas by the international authorities and our company. In the event that a customer is found who plays either betting or casino in any of the above countries - while this is prohibited according to the rules accepted during registration - then our company reserves the right to return the deposit amount to the customer , to deduct any profits from him and to permanently deactivate his account.

6) Eligibility Refunds are available to Clients who deposited funds in their Trading Account(s) but has not open any transaction yet. In such case a client may be refunded regardless whether or not he/she has provided the Company (GLB GmbH) with all the necessary Verification Documents.

6.1) Procedure

A) Eligible Client shall contact the Company (contact details are provided on the Company's Website) and request the initiation of the refund procedure in writing via email. The Client shall use only his/her registered e-mail address when requesting a refund.

B) Client's funds shall be returned to the same source, via the same payment method and remitter used to conduct the initial deposit, however if for whatever reason, the Company(GLB GmbH) will not be able to proceed with such payment, the Company reserve the right to transmit the funds via an alternative payment method approved, verified and/or suggested by the Company (GLB GmbH) , at its sole discretion.

C) The Client who is eligible for a refund is not required to provide the Company with Verification Documents, however certain payment providers may not provide the Company with all the necessary information regarding the origin of funds and in such 21/42 CIF 182/12 Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions of Use cases, in order to proceed with the refund, the Company (GLB GmbH) shall request a bank transfer confirmation from the Client.

D) The Client understands and agrees that certain payment providers do not provide the Company (GLB GmbH) with all the necessary information regarding the origin of funds and in such cases, in order to proceed with the refund, the Company shall request additional documents from the Client (i.e. Proof of Deposit in the form of a bank transfer confirmation, which will indicate the details of the bank account used for the initial deposit)

6.2) Time Restrains Upon receiving a request from the Client, the Company (GLB GmbH) shall proceed with the payment of a specified amount within the same day or depending on the time the refund request has been received the latest the next working day (however, the time needed for the funds to reach the Client may vary, depending on Client's selected payment method). However, if the source of funds is not clear to the Company, the Company shall request additional documents for the Client, which may significantly delay the refund process.

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